Directors´ Dealings

This site provides you the information about Directors´ Dealings, especially transactions from members of the Management Board or the Supervisory Board.

  • 30.09.2014: Lam, Kok Weng, CFO, purchase 1,000 shares at 6.05 EUR

  • 09.10.2014: Yan, Changzai, CEO, Transfer, 1.583.334 shares

  • 29.10.2015: Lam, Kok Weng, CFO, purchase 1,000 shares at 4.60 EUR


    To secure delivery of the shares subscribed to the new shareholders immediately after the end of the subscription period, the founder and major shareholder, Mr. Yan Changzai, provided the number of shares being subscribed from his holdings to the bank. This was based on the agreement that the shares will be retransferred after the capital increase connected with the IPO is registered. This common procedure makes sure that the shares can be delivered to the new shareholders in time before the first trading day.

    Immediately after the end of the subscription period Snowbird AG held its AGM on 24.09.2014 and decided to increase the capital by 1.583.334 euro to 31.583.334 euro (IPO capital increase). When this capital increase was registered these 1.583.334 shares from Mr. Yan Changzai have been retransferred on 07.10.2014 as agreed. The transaction then was announced according to German law (WpHG) on 09.10.2014.