Management and Control Structure

In the Federal Republic of Germany a stock company has to follow a two-tier board system. The two-tier board is a corporate control and monitoring model. It consists of the supervisory board and the management board, who both have different tasks to fulfill. Their mandates are separated which means that members of the supervisory board cannot be the members of the management board simultaneously.

Important corporate management practices

Ensuring a sustained rise in the value of the company is the guiding principle for the members of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Snowbird AG. Securing the confidence of investors and other stakeholders in effective and transparent management is a matter of prime significance. The aim of Snowbird AG’s investor relations activities is to achieve the level of transparency expected by the capital markets and to give shareholders a true and fair view on the company. In keeping with the principle of fair disclosure, all shareholders and major target groups are treated equally in terms of the provision of information. The underlying rule is providing the company’s owners with timely and reliable information on major events at their company. Transparency also constitutes an opportunity to gain new investors from Germany and other countries. The Management Board and the Supervisory Board therefore constantly strive to optimise communication to ensure a sustained and appropriate valuation of the company’s stock.