Soft facts about the Snowbird AG

  • Working Conditions
    • Snowbird provides free food and accommodation to its staff and organizes various activities on regular basis to increase the staff morale.
    • Snowbird provides extensive and continuous training to its employees.
    • Snowbird has established a trade union in 2008.
    • Snowbird grants to its employees employment terms above statutory minimum terms including a considerably higher remuneration than required by law.
  • Intellectual Property Rights
    • To protect the brands “Xueniao” and “Snow Bird”, Snowbird has registered twelve trademarks in the PRC and three trademarks in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the EU.
    • Snowbird holds 15 utility model patents.
  • Waste Water Treatment
    • Snowbird owns modern waste water treatment facilities. The recycled water can be reused for the down processing, thus is environmentally friendly and can reduce water expenses.