8 Reasons to Invest

  1. 1. High growth and solid margins

    Revenue growth was 84% in 2012 and another 52% in 2013. The gross profit margin for the three years before 2014 was 45% (2011), 46% (2012) and 39% (2013). This high level is reached by sophisticated and efficient processes throughout the whole value chain.

  2. 2. Experienced management

    The three members of the management board together bring about half a century of experience in the down industry and almost two decades of experience in the accounting and financial management industry.

  3. 3. Highly integrated value chain

    The value chain of Snowbird is highly integrated and diversified, starting from the proceeding of raw material and ending at the delivery of high quality down, garment, clothing, pillows, duvets and other OEM products.

  4. 4. High class down production

    Snowbird is capable of producing up to 98% pure down. Compared to the industry norm of 70% and peak luxury standards of 90%, Snowbird delivers state of the art down in highest qualities.

  5. 5. Efficiency gains in down production process

    The own R&D department of the Snowbird group aims at improving processes at the whole value chain. Additionally, the new facilities for down and clothing production lift the efficiency by economies of scale.

  6. 6. Strong domestic brand

    The Snowbird group uses their own brands “Snow Bird” and “Xueniao” to sell their products on the Chinese market. Both brands are well established and known for high quality down products.

  7. 7. Use of leading technologies

    Provided with a state of the art production facility, including a waste water treatment facility, Snowbird is one of the best equipped down processors in China.

  8. 8. Long lock-ups

    There is no cashing out, none of the existing shareholders will sell shares during the IPO. The shares from the major shareholders are subject to a lock-up period of 36 months.